Decimals have a point!

Logic lives!

Natural numbers are better for your health!

The SQR( -1 ) stirs the imagination!

Zero is more than nothing!

A circle by any other name is just as round!

Analysis takes it to the limit!

Trigonometry is a sine of the times!

Geometry is just plane fun!

Start counting and let me know when you get to infinity!

Math teachers know all the angles!

Sphere not!

A miss is as good as 1.62 kilometers!

Life without geometry would be pointless!

Percentages are one in a hundred!

Compasses travel in the best circles!

Catch the sine wave!

Now you secant, now you don't!

A graph is worth a thousand sets of data (or words)!

Math isn't just another four-letter word!

97.3625% of all statistics are made up!